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Leadership & Management

No matter what sector you work in, your company’s most important asset is unquestionably your staff. Our Leadership and Management courses have been put together by prestigious industry experts, focused on helping you to sharpen the skills and knowledge you need to help you get the very best out of those around you.

At Virtual Academy, we’ve taken care to ensure the Leadership and Management courses we offer are highly comprehensive, covering everything from conflict resolution and other widely-recognised topics, all the way up to newer but equally important issues – such as remote-working management and mental health awareness.

  • Managing Change

    This unit looks at the issue of change, which is all around us, and how we can manage this to good effect.

    Course Overview

    • Why do we need change?
    • How can we effectively manage change
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  • Conflict Resolution

    This unit looks at what causes conflict and how it can be managed and reduced.

    Course Overview

    • What conflict is
    • How to avoid conflict
    • Resolving conflict
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  • Mental Health and Well-Being Awareness

    Mental health is a significant occupational problem in the UK costing businesses money through employee absenteeism and loss of production.

    Course Overview

    • The different types of mental health disorders
    • The factors that cause mental health disorders and how to treat and support them.
    • The impact of mental health disorders on individuals and businesses
    • How to promote and support mental well-being in the workplace
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  • Menopause and the Workplace

    Menopause transition can be a sensitive and personal issue for many people. This course provides a useful list of organisations and contacts that maybe helpful.

    Course Overview

    • What is the menopause
    • Menopause transition in the workplace
    • Exploring menopause transition symptoms
    • Talking about the menopause
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  • Managing Remote Teams

    Remote working has significantly increased due to improved technology and digital communications. This course looks at some of the considerations that managers and employees need to make when planning an undertaking remote working.

    Course Overview

    • The impact of remote working on organisations, teams and individuals
    • How to manage remote teams
    • Handling online meetings
    • Legal and contractual obligations relating to home working
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We are passionate about our learners. We work with industry experts, delivering high quality online learning modules that meet the needs of any business no matter the sector.

Our online platform is easy to setup. Providing employers with an easy to navigate dashboard so they can assign courses and monitor staff performance.

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