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Digital Training

In today’s highly digitised world, online skills have never been more essential – both for individual employees and companies as a whole. A new digital presence can bring a whole raft of new opportunities for your company, but it can also bring its fair share of risks, too. Our Digital Training Courses have been authored by industry experts, with modules designed to help you sidestep the most common online risks, and ultimately make the very most of your digital presence – and all the associated benefits it brings.

  • Digital Business Skills

    This unit looks at the increasing role, value and importance of digital business in our every day lives.

    Course Overview

    • Digital skills
    • What they are
    • Why they are important
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  • Cyber Security

    This unit looks at cyber security and the increasing importance of having up to date cyber security in place at home and at work.

    Course Overview

    • The risks and threats that exist when using the internet
    • Risks and threats in relation to cyber bullying, our own safety and privacy, data security and the use of social media.
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  • Phishing

    Phishing is a broad term used to describe the ways in which users are persuaded to share personal information with an unknown third party. Some are for criminal purposes whilst others are used to find out more about you so that you can be targeted with promotional and marketing materials in the future.

    Course Overview

    • How phishing is a risk to data privacy and data security
    • Ways to protect yourself against phishing
    • How to report phishing to someone
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  • Malware, Viruses and Ransomware

    Computers, mobile phones and tablets are all at potential risk from harmful software and programs which are designed to do damage to the data and information stored on them.

    Course Overview

    • The potential risks to computers and internet users
    • The different types of malware and its impact on computers and users
    • How to protect against malware and viruses
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  • Staying Safe Online

    Using the internet and working online is an important part of most people’s personal and working life on a daily basis so it is important to understand the risks and know how to protect yourself.

    Course Overview

    • Using the internet to work online
    • The risks and dangers of working online
    • General guidance for working online
    • Online risks to your personal safety
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