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In today’s environmentally-conscious world, sustainability has never been more important. In fact, numerous studies have shown that sustainability is often a deciding factor that influences how your company is seen by investors, prospective employees, and consumers alike.

Authored by industry experts, our Environmental courses are specifically designed to help you build your understanding of sustainability best practices, and find ever-more effective ways to help your company reduce its carbon footprint. That knowledge and expertise can help you and your company get the edge over the competition, as you reap the rewards associated with establishing a truly sustainable culture.

  • Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace

    Environmental sustainability means not using more than our fair share of the planet’s resources and leaving enough for people in the future. This unit looks at way sustainability can be developed in the workplace.

    Course Overview

    • Sustainable development in the workplace
    • The importance and use of natural resources
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  • Reducing Impact on the Environment

    The goods and services that business supply uses the earth’s natural resources causing climate change, pollution to air, water and soil, health issues and the extinction of species and more. This unit looks at how businesses can reduce their impact on the environment.

    Course Overview

    • Goods, services and the environment
    • Manufacturing, agriculture and the service industries on the environment
    • Businesses reducing their impact on the environment
    • Reducing the environmental impact of waste
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  • Introduction to Carbon Literacy

    This course introduces learners to the knowledge and understanding required to be able to make informed choices to reduce their carbon footprints.

    Course Overview

    • Greenhouse gases and how human activities are contributing to the increasing concentrations of these gases in the atmosphere
    • The evidence linking the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases to the current impacts of climate change
    • How choices made by individuals, communities and governments can reduce the impacts of global climate change
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