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Health and Safety

Authored by prestigious industry experts, our health and safety courses are designed to help you establish and maintain flawless safety standards in any environment, so you can ensure the wellbeing of everyone on your premises. We take care to keep these courses highly comprehensive, collectively covering everything from the most well-known dangers (such as manual handling injuries and falls from height) all the way up to the more frequently-underestimated risks, such as the complex effects of mental health in the workplace.

Many of our safety training courses are universal, applicable for any sector or industry, and can provide a useful foundation for developing more specific safety standards that are tailored to your workplace. This ensures that your company is able to meet all its relevant legal obligations, while enabling you and your staff to work in total peace of mind.

  • Fire Safety Training

    This unit looks at the important role of fire safety in both work settings and home, or community, settings.

    Course Overview

    • What fires safety is
    • The requirements of fire safety legislation
    • How fires start
    • How to prevent and put out fires
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  • Manual Handling in the Workplace

    This unit looks at manual handling and the importance of safety when carrying this out, individually or in teams.

    Course Overview

    • What manual handling involves
    • Safety and manual handling
    • Manual handling individually and in teams
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  • First Aid in the Workplace

    This unit looks at the value and importance of first aid in the workplace. Please note, this unit does not qualify someone to be a first aider.

    Course Overview

    • Introduction to first aid
    • Role and responsibilities of a first aider
    • First-aid equipment
    • Emergency actions
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  • Health and Safety at Work

    This unit looks introduce learners to health and safety and the vital role we all play in maintaining health and safety at work.

    Course Overview

    • The importance of health and safety
    • Who does what in relation to health and safety the workplace
    • Potential hazards at work
    • What safe practice is and the use of protective equipment
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  • COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

    There are many jobs that come into contact with hazardous substances on a daily basis such as hairdressers, cleaners, nurses, mechanics. Every year, thousands of employees are made ill through coming into contact with hazardous substances, contracting lung diseases such as asthma, cancer and skin diseases such as dermatitis.

    Course Overview

    • The legal requirements relating to hazardous substances
    • What substances are hazardous and harmful
    • How to recognise hazardous substances
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  • Infection Control & Prevention

    This unit looks at the very important role of infection prevention and control, something we must all take responsibility for.

    Course Overview

    • What causes infection
    • How infection is spread
    • How to reduce the spread of infection
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  • Slips, Trips & Falls

    Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of non-fatal injury in the workplace, accounting for a third (33%) of all non-fatal injuries reported under RIDDOR in 2020/2021

    Course Overview

    • The potential hazards that cause slips, trips and falls in the workplace
    • How to prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace
    • Hazards warning signs relevant to relating to slips, trips and falls
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  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

    This unit looks at the important role of safeguarding and how we all play a role in doing this.

    Course Overview

    • What safeguarding is
    • Types of abuse
    • The meaning of the terms ‘discrimination’ and ‘victimisation’
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  • Safeguarding Children

    Safeguarding is the actions taken by professionals to promote the welfare and protection of children and young people from harm.

    Course Overview

    • The meaning of safeguarding
    • Types of abuse
    • Modern technology causing safeguarding issues
    • The importance of disclosure
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  • Workplace Health and Well-Being

    Mental health is a significant occupational problem in the UK costing businesses money through employee absenteeism and loss of production.

    Course Overview

    • The different types of mental health disorders
    • The factors that cause mental health disorders and how to treat and support them.
    • The impact of mental health disorders on individuals and businesses
    • How to promote and support mental well-being in the workplace
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  • Food Hygiene and Covid

    Every food business must make sure that the food produced is safe to eat. This course looks at best practice guidelines in handling food to ensure that it is safe.

    Course Overview

    • The laws relating to food safety
    • An individual’s personal responsibilities when working in a food premises
    • The food industries response to the Covid pandemic and spread of infection.
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