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Personal and Professional Development

Whatever your sector, and whatever your skills, our Personal and Professional Development training courses have been designed for you. Put together by highly respected industry experts, these courses teach universal skills to help you overcome some of the most common (and challenging) personal and professional obstacles, including finance management, interacting with others, and managing your own stress levels and mental health.

Most importantly, these modules have been designed not only to impart individual skills, but also to give you that all-important sense of confidence, so that you feel empowered to take positive steps forward towards achieving your personal goals.

  • Career Planning

    This unit looks at the important function of career planning, whether this is at the start of a career or for a change in career direction.

    Course Overview

    • The function of career planning
    • How to plan for your changing or future career
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  • Time Management

    This unit looks at the vital process of time management and how we can all benefit for this.

    Course Overview

    • What time management involves
    • How you benefit from time management
    • How to actively manage your time
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  • Negotiation Skills

    This unit looks at the importance of using negotiation skills in business or other situations.

    Course Overview

    • What negotiation skills are
    • How to use negotiation skills
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  • Managing Personal Finance

    This unit looks at how personal finance could be managed and the services and products available to support us save and use money.

    Course Overview

    • Income and expenditure
    • Why we should balance income and expenditure
    • The services banks and building societies can offer
    • The benefits and drawback of borrowing money
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  • Networking

    Networking is a term used to describe meeting new people with similar or the same interests or professions to exchange ideas and share information and is an important part of most people’s working lives.

    Course Overview

    • What networking means
    • The benefits of networking
    • How to become a good networker
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  • Personal Development Planning

    Personal development planning involves considering your short, medium and long-term career goals and objectives and finding ways in which you may achieve them.

    Course Overview

    • The process of personal development planning
    • How to create a personal development plan
    • How to implement and review a personal development plan
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  • Understanding Mindfulness and Stress Management

    This unit looks at the value of mindfulness in supporting individuals to deal with daily life and with more stressful times.

    Course Overview

    • What the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘well-being’ mean
    • What mindfulness is
    • Stress management
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We are passionate about our learners. We work with industry experts, delivering high quality online learning modules that meet the needs of any business no matter the sector.

Our online platform is easy to setup. Providing employers with an easy to navigate dashboard so they can assign courses and monitor staff performance.

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